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Bonsen organizes Vietnamese language training for factory workers in Vietnam

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Author : mzmoyu
Update time : 2022-05-18 17:19:01
In order to make all Chinese cadres better understand Vietnamese social conditions, customs and habits, confidently and fluently communicate with Vietnamese colleagues about work and life topics. The company is scheduled to launch BONSEN Primary Vietnamese Class in Vietnam on May 03, 2022.by now, 16 Chinese cadres have completed 3 class hours of class learning.
I remember that when I first came to Vietnam, I had to communicate with Chinese translators. In the process of translation, I learned high-frequency words at work and gradually learned some simple words, but I could only speak key words and then express them with dancing movements. Because of the demand of the job, some of them also signed up to learn Vietnamese at their own expense. So for the Vietnamese language training arranged by the company, the heart is more grateful!
Thanks to the arrangement of the company, we can learn a foreign language in Vietnam. Start learning Vietnamese from 29 letters, 12 vowels, 28 consonants, 5 tones, how to spell, and spelling.
When we are in class, there is also a "teaching assistant", she is in charge of our company's administrative department - Ruan Shi Yu, she is also our class "monitor"; She volunteered before the class began to say: "I am the monitor", and also set down eight classroom disciplines, who want to violate one of them is to donate. Tama was very enthusiastic and responsible. She assisted the teacher in Vietnamese spelling in the Class. After each class, if some colleagues did not have standard pronunciation, she tutored them one-on-one until all colleagues had standard pronunciation.
In addition, there is zhu Xingbing, general manager of Vietnam business, who is a model for us to learn in the class. Among the Chinese in the company, he is one of the most powerful Vietnamese speakers, who can read, write and speak. But he still attends Vietnamese class with us and helps correct other colleagues' mispronunciation in class. Manager Zhu also reiterated classroom discipline in the class. The Vietnamese language was paid by the company and arranged for the middle school students to learn for free. We have to study hard, finish our homework on time, and pass every in-class test to live up to the company's expectations.
Under the guidance of the teacher, the guidance of the "monitor", and the participation and encouragement of the general manager, we went back to the dormitory to practice every day after work, and read letters, vowels, consonants and tones aloud in groups to comment on the teacher. Colleagues help each other, learning enthusiasm is high, afraid of the original do not understand, learning depressed colleagues are scrambling to learn, enthusiastic consult the teacher!
Through learning, we have already felt something when communicating with Vietnamese colleagues. With the strong atmosphere of Vietnamese language learning, we have dared to express ourselves generously in Vietnamese with Vietnamese colleagues. Although the communication is just a simple greeting, I believe that through the systematic learning of Vietnamese arranged by the company, the language communication with Vietnamese colleagues will be smoother in the future. At the same time, I will put what I have learned into practice. I look forward to reporting in Vietnamese half a year later in Vietnam.