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Lean management : eliminates waste

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Author : mzmoyu
Update time : 2022-05-18 14:56:10
The core of lean management is the elimination of waste and continuous improvement. Enterprises reduce waste to a min while providing customers with satisfactory products and services. As for waste, eight wastes are the first.
First popular science what is eight waste!

1.Create too much waste
Manufacturing too early or too much, production obviously ahead of demand, production is greater than the customer's current min requirements.
2. Waste of inventory
Excess inventory occupies storage space, incurs waste of space and storage costs, as well as the wear and tear of long-term overstocked products.
3 waste of defective products
Waste caused by product inspection, scrap or repair activities
Waste of processing
Refers to the investment in quality, specification and process that exceeds customer demand, resulting in waste of enterprise resources.
5. Waste of handling
The items in the process need to be carried between two points far away from each other, and the waste caused by resources (people, machines, sites, energy, time, etc.) in the handling, placing, stacking, moving, whole column and other aspects, collectively known as the waste of handling.
6. Waste of action
It refers to the waste of time, efficiency, site, personnel and human life caused by unreasonable movement in production.
7.the waste of waiting
It refers to the waste of resources caused by people or equipment waiting (including temporary idle, stopped, nothing to do, etc.).
8.Waste management
This refers to the extra waste that occurs when a problem occurs and management takes action to remedy it.
In the 4-day and 3-night lean leadership training, the teacher deepened her memory of the eight wastes through the stories of Xiaolongnv. Once upon a time one day, Yang Guo on a business trip, xiaolongnu a person at home, suddenly a big stone from the sky, blocked in xiaolongnu door. Xiaolongnu tried to move for a long time are unable to move, the neighbor next door said to xiaolongnu: can not move, at home and so on.
Subsequently, also let the training students, through their own understanding, digestion, summed up eight waste tips. Take a look at the work of the versatile BONSEN staff!
(Eight major wastes)
(Eight major wastes)
After learning the eight wastes, I found that there are wastes everywhere in work and life, such as the waste of waiting in a long queue, the waste of walking around when taking things, the waste of defective products when reworking, the waste of excessive purchase of goods at home occupying storage space and so on.
The eight waste theories are simple and easy to learn, which can be applied to work and life at any time, greatly improving work efficiency and life quality, as well as personal ability. What do you, the smart one, see in your work life that you can improve? We keep talking to each other in the comments section!